Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most from candidates and recruiters.
How does Workex work?
Where are you located?
How do I sign up with Workex to help me find a job?
I never received OTP information. Who should I contact?
I’m looking for a job. Can you help?
What are the benefits of finding a job with Workex?
Can I search for Full-Time jobs for a different location?
How do I create my profile on Workex as a Candidate?
I’ve created my profile. What happens next?
How important is adding skills, education and experience while creating a profile?
I was interviewed. Why hasn’t anyone contacted me?
Who do I contact for issues with Workex?
How can I see the jobs I've applied to?
How do I update my existing profile?
How do I view the job details?
A recruiter is demanding money for a job posted by him. What am I supposed to do?
How do I get in touch with a recruiter once I have applied for the job?
How will I get notified about new jobs?
How do I know if a recruiter shows interest in my profile?
I have applied for a job, but haven’t received any response from the recruiter yet. What am I supposed to do now?
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