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Do you know a Recruiter who is hiring, any family member or work colleague who you think is looking for quality candidates?
Refer your known Recruiter and Earn Rewards and Cashback.
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How does it works?
green tick for listing Introduce Workex to someone you know and earn money when they post a job or purchase a plan.
green tick for listing For a Recruiter to qualify as a successful referral they must not already be registered with Workex.
green tick for listing For every referral to Workex, who when Post a job or purchases a plan you’ll earn Cashback offers upto 400INR.
green tick for listing Rewards for verified Job Posting will be paid once the person has successfully posted a verified job.
Invite a recruiter to sign up with Workex and earn exclusive cashbacks with each successful Referral.
Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked most from the recruiters regarding Refer and Earn.

What is Workex Refer and Earn?

How does it work?

How many friends can you refer to Workex?

How do I join the Workex Recruiter Referral Program?

Will this apply to every referral I get?

What happens when a Recruiter you refer, signs up for plan purchase?

Do I need to be an existing user to join the Workex Recruiter Referral Program?

How do I track the referral status for ?