EPF Guide: How to transfer EPF account from one employer to another?

Written By Sakcham Tiwari

June 22, 2021
Transferring your EPF account from your previous employer to current one is a hassle-free process. This article discusses the step-by-step process of how to transfer an EPF account from one employer to another.

Changing jobs is common among employees as they are always looking for better opportunities. Sometimes, they can be unhappy with their current job, which leads them to switch jobs. In such cases, the problem arises of how to transfer EPF account from the previous employer to the current employer. So, if you are facing the same problem, this article is meant to help you. 

When changing jobs, employees have two options regarding their PF accounts. The first option is that they can close the old EPF account and withdraw the amount and make a new one with their new employer. The second option is to transfer the account from the old employer to the current employer. 

Why should you transfer your EPF account?

It is recommended for an employee to choose the second option, that is, to transfer the EPF account and the funds from the previous employer to the new one. This is so because these funds will be of use to you for your retirement plans. EPF is a safe long-term investment for retirement and you should try to keep the funds for your retirement rather than withdrawing them now.

Step-by-step process to transfer EPF account from one employer to another

An employee might need to change jobs due to a myriad of reasons. On such an occasion, they may feel like the transfer process of their EPF account can be a challenge. Well, it is not that hard and you can easily do it in a few simple steps. Here is how you can do it:

transfer epf account

Step 1: Checking Eligibility

For transferring your EPF money online from one account to another, it is important to first check your eligibility. You can do so by going to the website – www.epfindia.gov.in and then opening the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) under the category FOR EMPLOYEES, which you will find on the homepage. 

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If you see that you are eligible for the online transfer, then you need to register as a member on the portal, if not already registered. After this, you can simply log in with your details on the Online Transfer Claim Application. Once you are logged in, click on the Request for Transfer of account option. This will file an online Transfer Claim.

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You have to ensure that either your previous or new employer has a digital signature. Also, you must have the previous and the new employers’ PF details with you. 

Step 2: Filling Application Form

When you have filed the online Transfer Claim, you can now fill in the application form. The application form for transferring your EPF account is divided into three parts: Part A, B, and C. 

In Part A, you need to fill in all your personal details such as name, mobile number, bank account number, etc.

In Part B, you will have to enter the details of your previous employer. Upon entering the PF account number and clicking on the option that reads click here to get details, you will see all the details related to your previous employer. But if you see that any of the information is missing, you must fill them in manually.

In Part C, you will need to enter the details of your current employer. Same as in Part B, you can enter the PF account number of your new employer and all their details will appear on the screen. And if any of them are missing, fill them manually.

Now, after filling in these details, you must remember to claim attestation. The application will show you options of either getting it attested through the previous employer or the current employer. You have to choose either of these two options.

The employer will get the notification on their email as well as on their EPF portal. Once your employer verifies your application, it will be sent to the EPFO. 

After completing the application, you can see the preview of the entire form. You can change the details if you find anything is missing or is incorrect by clicking on “To change application data, click here.” 

Step 3: Submitting the application form

Now you will see a Captcha code appear on your screen, type it in the box and then click on the GET PIN button. Before going ahead, you also need to confirm your assent by clicking on the I Agree button. 

Then you will receive the PIN on your registered mobile number, which you will need to enter on the application. After submitting this, your online transfer process is officially completed. 

Step 4: Tracking the transfer status

After you have successfully submitted the application, a tracking number will be generated. Using this tracking number, you are able to track your online transfer application.

Keep in mind that you must save the Printable Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) generated on your device.

You need to print it out, sign it, and send it to your previous or current employer, whoever you had chosen to complete the transfer application. 

It takes approximately 30-60 days for the transfer process to be completed. Using this portal, even your employer can view, verify or change, and submit the online transfer application. 


As an employee, changing jobs is a natural part of their career. Most of the employees change their jobs at least once in their careers. Thus, it is important for employees to be able to transfer their PF account from their previous employer to the current one whenever they change jobs. The sooner they do it, the better it will be for them since you may need to contact your old employer and get their details and verification on your transfer form. 

If you decide to withdraw your funds, you should remember that withdrawing funds within five years of employment is liable to tax. If you leave your funds lying in different EPF accounts, it can be a huge problem to access all your funds when you need them or when you retire.

Written by Sakcham Tiwari

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