Tips to overcome work-related stress, depression and burnout.

“Why do I feel so stressed in Office?”

“Why is this happening to me?” 

 “I am feeling burnout after work and no more productive!!”

Do you also feel the same and think that you are alone facing these problems. Chill!! 

Many others are facing the same. Stress, Depression or Feeling Burnout at Workplace is very common in Metropolitan Cities. 

Here we bring in some tips on how to handle and overcome Stress in the Workplace. 

Work Overload? Take a Break and Chill.

Major cause for Stress and Burnout in the workplace is Work overload. People are being so occupied that they don’t get the time and there is hell amount of workload on them. 

The problem starts when we aren’t able to manage our work. 

Psychologist says that there should be a 55:5 ratio in workplaces so that you work for 55 mins and take a small break of 5 min. During this process, you don’t sit around for a longer period and you can concentrate back to work again after 5 mins break. So that you can handle stress at workplace.  

Chat with your colleagues, Take a small walk from your chair to manager’s cabin, Go have a cup of coffee machine or just leave the chair stand play the music in the earplugs and relax for some time. 

Breaks are really necessary because life will also become monotonous. 

Finding an alternative of work for free time and shifting your concentration there. 

Feeling Depressed or Burnout also happens in the workplace because you feel you are so much consumed by workplace that you can’t take anything else. You start devoting all your time to work and forget what makes you happy when you are sad. 

Remember those Cricket Matches you used to fight with your friends in the evening or those little bedtime novels which you used to keep beside your pillow in college days or going on a long drive by borrowing a friend’s bike/scooter for the weekend. We start missing out on so many things when we start college and get a job, we shouldn’t rather we should find time and keep our hobbies and passion alive inside us. Don’t let the job occupy you so much rather make it a part of your living. Once you start feeling stress or depression at the workplace that is the alarm clock that a break is required and you need to keep a balance with your work and your personal life. 

Stress Management at the Workplace. 

Stress Management at Work can only happen when you try to find a balance between work and personal life so that you can be work efficient and deal with depression or stress at work. You need to keep deadlines and find your own space at work which comfortable makes you relax so that you can effectively work there. Although if you have any other issues do reach out to your colleagues and manager regarding the same. 


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