How Job-Hopping affects your Career

Written By workex

November 25, 2019
How Job Hopping Affects your career

How Job-Hopping affects your Career

In 21st Century its really difficult to stick with one company rather  Job hooping has become a part of our Work Culture. People do it for different reasons but is it good to change job frequently is something which has disturbed people a lot. 

We shall discuss the pros and cons of Job hopping 

Advantages of Job Hopping 

  • Gives you a better and diverse work experience at the end of the day and makes your CV look more colourful and vibrant.  

  • You get to connect to more people in job-hopping which leads you to open up better opportunities in the workplace and can get you what you deserve according to your skills and talent. You might be working where you aren’t paid well but that 6 months or 1 year will boost your CV and give you a better learning experience, nothing could be better than ‘On the Job training’.

  • Never keep stability in your priority list because it makes a person go lazy and trying his best to stick to one job whereas the world around the globe is dynamic in nature and evolving every second, so you need to be the same and make yourself come out of your comfort zone. 

Disadvantages of Job Hopping 

  • The only thing which you will be missing out on will be the promotion in the company and see yourself grow within the firm. If you join any new company you might find a better package but the level of seniority possessed in your old firm, won’t be the same in any new organization. 

  • Reliability and dependability will be the other issue which will come in question if you keep hoping jobs like this because once you stick to a firm for a long time people tend to have faith and can share some important and insights about the company. But you being a hopping rabbit from one job to another seems impossible because every company might give take this into consideration before giving you the appointment letter so better think about this before you start switching. 

  • Job Security might have been in your priority so better be it because as we see companies firing employees these days without any reason or majorly because of cost-cutting. You need to be at it and perform your best. This sense of job security functions as a motivation for the employee and they always perform best in any given circumstances. 

But one thing is very clear in both these that you should never keep switching company for the money and keep running behind it, because it is just a number and what will matter is the learning experience which you will bring on the table and the skills set which you carry. How sharp did you get with each switch in a new company is what will matter are you able to cope up with the trends or not. 

Written by workex

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