Must have Documents for Income Tax Return Filing in India

Written By Sakcham Tiwari

July 28, 2021
The process of filing income tax returns depends upon the annual income and the source of the income. Read this article carefully to know about all the documents required for filing income tax returns in India.
documents for income tax return

The government of India has recently launched a new portal for income tax e-filing. But before you use the portal to file your income tax return, you must make sure that you have all the documents for income tax return. 

The new portal for filing ITR is available on and it will be replacing the old portal. It is supposed to be much more user-friendly for taxpayers. So, if you are thinking of visiting the new portal for filing your income tax returns but are unsure of the documents required, we are here to help you.

In this article, we will be providing you with a document checklist for filing income tax returns so that you can easily have all the documents prepared and ready before you file your tax returns. 

Types of income that are liable to tax

Here are the types of income that are liable to tax:

  • Income from Salary
  • Income from Property
  • Income from Capital Gain
  • Income from Business and Profession
  • Other sources of income
documents for income tax return

List of required documents for income tax return

Now, let’s take a look at the list of required documents for filing ITR (Income Tax Return):

Form 16 or TDS

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Certificate or Form 16 forms the basis for income tax e-filing. The employer is supposed to provide this form to the employees after providing you with the information related to your income tax returns. TDS takes into consideration your monthly income, allowances, and deductions. 

Salary Slips

Taxpayers who receive a monthly income should keep their salary slips safely whenever they receive their salary. The salary slip entails the basic details of your salary like your basic salary, Dearness Allowance (DA), TDS amount, House Rent Allowances (HRA), Travelling Allowances (TA), Provident Fund,standard deductions, etc. When you are filing your income tax returns, these details are essential and thus, salary slips are required for the process. 

Form 26AS

Form 26AS or the annual consolidated statement entails all your tax-related information. The form also includes information about the tax which is deducted at source, details of advance tax, and details of Annual Information Return (AIR). So, it is one of the very important financial documents for income tax return e-filing. 

Form 16A

Form 16A is a certificate of TDS that includes the amount of TDS and the TDS payments deposited.  Employees get to receive this form when their bank deducts TDS on the interest income that they have earned from Fixed Deposits. TDS is also liable on rent receipts, insurance commission, or any other form of income, and Form 16A is the one form that mentions all kinds of TDS deducted and deposited on various sources of income. The form also includes the name and address of the deductor and deductee, their PAN details, TAN details of the deductor, and details of payment. 

PAN Card

You should also have your PAN card ready with you as it is one of the most important documents for income tax filing. The details of your Permanent Account Number (PAN) act as your identity proof when filing for ITR. 

Aadhaar Card

Section 139AA of the Income-tax Act states that all individuals filing for Income Tax Return must provide their Aadhaar details. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have your Aadhaar Card ready with you for e-filing of your income tax returns. 

Deductions under Section 80D to 80U

Individuals filing for income tax returns online are also allowed to claim exemptions under Section 80D to 80U of the Income Tax Act and not just the standard deductions under Section 80C. 

Capital Gain Statement

You are also required to obtain a capital gain statement if you have invested in shares, or mutual funds, etc. You can get the statement issued from your broking company. The capital gain statement includes the details of all your short-term capital gains. Although your long-term capital gains may not be liable to tax, still they must be mentioned in your capital gain statement. 


Therefore, the pointers listed above are all the required documents for income tax return e-filing. You must make sure that you have up-to-date versions of all of these documents. Once you have the documents ready, you can either file the income tax returns yourself or you can take the help of Workex. Our trusted team will duly fill up your ITR application for you and save your precious time and effort. 

Written by Sakcham Tiwari

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