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labour welfare fund benefits

What are (LWF) Labour Welfare Fund benefits and contributions in India?

Labour Welfare Fund benefits work towards improving the living standards of the workers in the unorganized sector. Read on to find out the how labour welfare funds affects an employees payroll.

employee management

Why Employee Management is Crucial In Both Private And Government Sector Jobs

Employee Management is important for retaining valuable talent to the company. A good employee managament strategy leads to motivated employees which in turn increases the overall productivity of the company.

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Workex and Onsurity collaborate to provide affordable healthcare benefits to your employees

Workex brings affordable employee healthcare benefits for your employees. Complete healthcare with discounted online medicines, labtests, teleconsultations and more!

ESI calculation

A guide on ESI Calculation and Scheme for employers

ESI or Employee State Insurance is a scheme introduced by the Government of India for the benefit of the employees. The ESI is essential payroll compliance in India for certain industries and entities.

documents for income tax return

Must have Documents for Income Tax Return Filing in India

The process of filing income tax returns depends upon the annual income and the source of the income. Read this article carefully to know about all the documents required for filing income tax returns in India.

payroll mistakes

How to Avoid the Most Common Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses make ?

Payroll mistakes happen every day and especially by small businesses due to their lack of a proper payroll management system. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common payroll mistakes and how they can be avoided.

attendance management

Why does your company need an attendance management system?

An attendance management system is used for tracking the attendance, shift timings, leaves, and overtime of your employees. In this article, we discuss in detail why exactly a company requires an attendance management system.


Compliance challenges faced by the SMEs in India

Indian SMEs are constantly battling obstacles in order to achieve their business goals and compliance with legal requirements is one of them. This article gives you a detailed account of the compliance issues that SMEs in India generally go through.


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