Are BPO jobs helpful in the long run?

Written By workex

November 25, 2019
This article will assess the benefits of BPO jobs as well as the drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision about whether it's right for you.
Are BPO jobs helpful in the long run

Are BPO jobs helpful in the long run?

Many of us contemplate planning for a long-term BPO career but are unsure of future benefits. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs are becoming increasingly prevalent in India’s economy due to the increase of IT-related jobs and the rise of qualified English speaking college graduates in India. In fact, this growing industry itself contributes 7-8% of the nation’s gross domestic product. As entry-level jobs, they are looked at as extremely lucrative, providing attractive salary packages and a range of incentives and benefits. However, BPO career growth is questionable due to its standardised nature. 

Although larger multinational corporations (MNC) operating here in India such as IBM do provide career tracks for employees to follow to climb the corporate ladder to success, the path can be obstructed by red tape, bureaucracy and politics. It’s not an easy path to success, as the power struggle plays out between competing employees at the same level. This cutthroat level of competition can imply a great deal of mental stress and pressure on the employees who are expected to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. These jobs, due to the high volume of clients, tend to become standardised in nature which can be then viewed as repetitive by employees. However, if and when success is achieved, it is almost always worth the struggle. Senior managerial positions and other similar roles earn attractive salaries of 25-40 lakhs per annum. 

The nature of BPO jobs varies greatly today, from administrative payroll work to providing virtual tech support. As a result, depending on where your interests lie, they have the potential to actually be interesting. For instance, providing tech support to clients in the United States can truly help you improve your English proficiency as well as social skills. This way, more growth opportunities are available for you in different industries or even internally within the firm. For instance, working in a large MNC like IBM means you might have the opportunity to get transferred overseas to their US-based subsidiary. This not only broadens your work experience and enhances your resume, but also grants you the opportunity to earn a significantly higher amount in US dollars. On the other hand, this opportunity is quite rare to employees working entry-level jobs and usually reserved for those with a higher level of experience. 

To sum up, there are definitely advantages as well as drawbacks to having a career in BPO. However, the industry is currently booming here in India, employing over a million Indians. This means demand is high and jobs are readily available, given that you meet their qualifications. Having a call-centre career may or may not suit you, but hopefully, you now know more about the implications. Keep all these pointers in mind when deciding if you should apply for one or not!

Written by workex

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