Tips for bouncing back from a layoff into a new career

On a fine morning meeting in the office, you are fired from your job and told that your services are no more required. This might give you a setback and make you depressed over issues which aren’t necessary and demand you to think how to cope up with a layoff but you need to get it straight in your head and work more productive the next time you are hired.  But how to be more productive again is the question? 

 So here are some tips for bouncing back from a layoff into a new career:- 

1. Take your time and Bounce back

It’s your hard time and you need to give it time and retrospect from your perspective. You should spend time with your family and friends and get your moral high and plan out bounce back after a layoff. This time should be for the vacation which you were planning but couldn’t enjoy due to workload. Get refreshed and be the younger and energetic you. 

2. Makeover of your CV

Your CV might have dust over it as you had a fine and a stable job in your hand.  Now is the time to bring it back in action and fresh makeover of your CV. Google some of the latest CV templates and design it accordingly so that you look fresh in your CV as well. Put on some of the new skills which you might have learned during your layoff and the experiences which will matter in finding your dream job. 

3. Lookout for Career Counselling

Before you go out on hunting jobs please lookout for a good career counselling session as it will definitely let you help find the most suitable job for you and which will definitely interest you more than anything else which you might hunt for. It might sound cliche but many people during their midlife crisis and career crisis go to a  Career Counsellor for suggestions and better of their career path which they think has faded with the course of time. This will definitely help you bounce back from a job loss. 

4. Be Physically and Mentally Fit

Now that you have all the time for you and you might be feeling stressed regarding your job loss best way to cope up with jobless is staying Mentally and Physically fit so that whatever may come you are both mentally and physically strong to face it alone and be more productive in life. Now no more late-night shifts will keep you busy in office and no more hindrances get your head down and start the work. 

5. Develop a Plan and Kick On!

Now that you have had everything which was required from this phase, make a plan according to your desired goals and put down deadlines for everything. Schedule your interviews with the required companies and be prepared for everything which might come your way to take up the new Job. 

Now that you have developed skills related to your new job hunting and have a revised CV, it won’t be much difficult to bounce  back from a layoff into a new career

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