Best Work from home jobs in India and the future of remote working!

Written By Sanjna Suraj

July 23, 2021
With almost 50% of the population working remotely due to the pandemic, work from home jobs are gaining a lot of popularity these days, and it is here to stay. The article discusses how to find work from home jobs and which options are available for any one.

With the Pandemic of Covid-19, the global job market is witnessing a historic change. Remote working or work from home used to be a perk offered by some companies, but today it is the norm for many. Would I be able to work from home or must I report to a place of employment? This question has been on many people’s minds since the impact of the pandemic. In many countries around the world, people are forced to work from home due to quarantines, lockdowns, and self-imposed isolation, making work from home an unlikely workplace experiment.

The number of workers working remotely at least five days a month is expected to reach 70% by 2025. Even though 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, we see the trend continuing for a very long time. With the pandemic well underway, the limitations and benefits of remote work have become clearer. As economies begin to come back to life, many people are returning to work. However, most of them could not work remotely at all. Surveys have shown that hybrid models of remote work are here to stay for some employees.


Now that vaccines are on the horizon, the question remains: Will remote work survive? Our article explores how various types of work can be undertaken remotely.

The following are the top work from home jobs in India:

1) Content Writer 

There are several different styles and approaches to content writing. There are many ways to write online, including articles, blogs, web pages, copywriting, product descriptions, poetry, and stories. If you’re good with words, this is the best option for part-time/full-time work from home jobs in India.

Content writers can earn money and work in many ways. The writing of technical articles and news is also a good option for working online.In recent years, a great deal of game writers and scriptwriters have gotten well-paying and well-recognized jobs.As far as work from home options go, you can count on them being plentiful in India. In India, you can expect to earn between 15k and 20k per year as a beginner.

2) Digital Marketer / Social Media Manager

The role of a digital marketer is to increase a company’s presence online by doing a number of tasks, such as SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Managing social media accounts for small, medium, and large companies is a growing field. There is a need for social media managers even for celebrities. This is a great way to get work from home jobs in India if you are looking for one. A social media manager is responsible for creating campaigns, promoting content, maintaining control over posted content, studying analytics, and striving to expand the brand’s reach. Your full-time job will be managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Beginners in India can expect 20-40k.

3) Website developer

In your search for the best work from home jobs in India, you cannot miss out on this. Companies need website developers to create compelling, informative, and entertaining websites for their brands. It is essential that you have knowledge of CSS/HTML, HTML coding, JavaScript, SEO, and Photoshop.It entirely depends on your abilities, and how big a project you’re able to handle. Monthly earnings range from 10k to 1 lac.

4) Graphic designer 

Marketing is dominated by visuals these days. The visual appeal of a brand depends on its content, and graphic designers can provide appealing visuals for their websites, logos, pictures, or designs. In this field, you can easily earn 35K per month at an intermediate level, and there is no maximum income. Freelance work is an option for smaller projects.

5) Blogging

It would be difficult to describe a better way to generate passive income. Whether you’re passionate about food, travel, fitness, fashion, gardening, or even philosophy, you should create your own blog. Using Instagram as a microblog platform is possible right now. You get an impressive amount of money. Blogs have become one of the best work from home jobs in India and people make a living off of them. Whether it’s something that interests you, satiates your conscience, or is trending online, fitness-related, or mental health-related, you can write about it.

6) Data Entry

Many people mistake this job as too easy, but it demands smooth and efficient handling of a large amount of information. To put it simply, the job entails entering data into a computer or into some type of secure file system. In these types of jobs, you can earn a decent income by charging per project or per hour. You can earn well in the market because there is no shortage of work.

7) Translator

Translating can be interesting and rewarding. It is necessary to know at least two languages ranging from English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi to Bengali, Malayalam etc. Businesses and authors needing content in a specific language can find opportunities from Indian and western companies. You can earn 30k per month in the first few months if you bag the right clients.

8)  Online Tutor 

Education is among the many benefits of Internet usage, including accessible, convenient, and affordable education. This is made possible by online tutors. Online tutoring is another work at home job that pays well. Online tutoring is an opportunity for skilled people or those who have mastered a specific area, e.g. digital marketing, cooking, contemporary dance, martial arts, stock market, etc. Depending on their authority and reputation, online tutors can earn up to 30k.

9) Travel Agent 

Providing excellent service for their clients, freelance travel agents secure flights, travel packages, rail tickets, bus tickets, hotels and deal with more for their clients. Talented individuals who can convert travel packages are always in demand by top travel agencies. Business opportunities like this offer great compensation, along with perks such as holiday and family vacation deals.

10) Business Developer

A freelance business developer is a logical choice for the list of best job opportunities in India to work at home. The work is mainly about increasing revenues for a particular brand’s product or service. The job guarantees you interesting work and high salaries if you’re capable of doing that as an individual contributor. From the beginning itself, you can easily earn between 25 and 30k. Partnerships are most effective when brands appreciate the collaborative effort and are ready to work together for mutual success.

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In conclusion 

No matter how long it lasts, remote working or work from home is here to stay. There will likely be some forms of remote work long after COVID-19 has been defeated. Investing in digital infrastructure, leaving office space vacant, and restructuring food services, real estate, and retail are some of the shifts that have to be made to achieve this. This article looks at the 10 best online jobs in India that pay well. Each of these jobs requires minimum skills and knowledge, which makes it suitable for everyone. No matter what your status is, whether you are a student, professional, homemaker, semi-skilled worker, or a dropout. With these work from home jobs, you can find a career you’d like to pursue from the comfort of your own home.

Written by Sanjna Suraj

Sanjna Suraj is a content developer from Kochi, Kerala. She is working as a content writer at Workex, a writer who believes to keep it simple but significant!

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