Why does your company need an attendance management system?

Written By Sakcham Tiwari

July 16, 2021
An attendance management system is used for tracking the attendance, shift timings, leaves, and overtime of your employees. In this article, we discuss in detail why exactly a company requires an attendance management system.
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Why does your company need an attendance management system?

Organizations need to adapt to the new technological innovations in the work environment if they want to fulfil the evolving workplace management needs. It is essential for any company to have a proper system for managing their staff but it is easier said than done, especially for SMEs.

SMEs have a shortage of resources and labour and so, managing their staff becomes more of a challenge. This is why, every company struggling with managing their staff, needs to consider an attendance management system. In this article, we will have a look at all the reasons why your company needs an attendance management system. 

What is an Attendance Management System?

Having an efficient attendance management system is the key to a positive work environment. An attendance management system does more than just storing employee information. It keeps track of employees’ attendance, shifts, overtime, paid time off, etc. This in turn makes payroll management and monitoring the performance of each employee a lot easier. 

If every company incorporates such an effective system, managing the staff becomes relatively smooth. Now, let’s dive into how it makes the process smooth and what are the benefits of having an attendance management system. 

Benefits of attendance management system

A web-based attendance management system comes with varying benefits for any organization from accurate and fast payroll calculation to proper statutory compliance. 

  1. Accuracy

Human error is inevitable, it doesn’t matter how capable the said human is. Automated attendance management systems, however, have no room for errors and ensure accuracy in record keeping. 

When the attendance data of employees is accurate, it ultimately leads to accurate performance and payroll data. 

Maintaining accuracy in every aspect of staff management means that the staff remains happy and satisfied, leading to greater productivity.

  1. Cost-effective

If errors are reduced in the attendance records of employees to a bare minimum, the firms will automatically save money in the long term. Firms will have accurate data of when their employees have taken paid time off and when an unscheduled absence. This will help in the proper calculation of the salary of an employee and not losing money in overpaying. 

Additionally, if a staff member’s performance level is consistently low in the reports, the company can make the right decision regarding the future of the employee in the company. 

  1. Productivity and Efficiency

Managing the attendance of employees by yourself can be an arduous task and there is also a lot of room for errors. So, generally, the attendance records require to be rechecked again and again to maintain as much accuracy as possible. 

Hence, it is clear that attendance management takes up a lot of time and effort. Now, SMEs may not have so much time on their hands due to a shortage of labour. This is where the help of a web-based attendance management system can be a game-changer. It will lead to greater productivity and efficiency of your business. 

  1. Insights

A proper attendance management system allows you to clearly see the performance reports of each employee in just a few clicks. You are able to generate performance reports based on the punctuality, attendance, and absences of your employees. 

This will create a much more transparent atmosphere in your working environment. Employees will naturally try to be better at their jobs when they know that their performance is being tracked and analysed.

  1. Hassle-free Workflow Management

Manual management of attendance of employees is not just time-taking but takes up a lot of effort as well. On the other hand, the attendance management system provides easy access to the data of each of your employees. It eases the workflow of payrolls, leaves, and performance reviews, along with automating notifications to the manager for early departure, overtime, etc. 

Managers are also capable of managing the schedules of employees, assigning them work, and keeping track of shift swaps. It is also helpful in forecasting budgets, resources, and workloads. 

  1. Flexibility/Accessibility

As the world has mostly shifted to remote work in the past couple of years, tracking the attendance and performance of employees has become increasingly difficult.

This is where an attendance management system comes to the rescue. With most such systems, employees can easily enter their clock-in and clock-out times, in just a few clicks or just a few taps on their smartphone, no matter where they are. 

Therefore, attendance management systems have greater flexibility and accessibility for tracking employees’ attendance, shift times, and performance.

  1. Integration/Configuration

Attendance management systems can be configured to suit the needs of your business and that is one of its greatest benefits. You can also integrate them with any third-party attendance hardware (swipe, biometric). They can also be configured to capture GPS-based attendance with smartphone apps. You also get the option to create customized attendance policies according to the needs of your company. 

  1. Compliance

If your employee records are not error-free, it can also cause issues with statutory compliance. Labour laws can be accidentally violated which, in turn, can cost your company an immense amount of money in expensive legal defence and fines. 

Since an attendance management system accurately records employee attendance, complying with statutory laws becomes simpler. Integrating the attendance system with the payroll system fully ensures that all the labour laws regarding compensation are met. 

  1. Real-time tracking

Web-based attendance management allows the managers to track the employees’ performance in real-time. They also provide automated inputs for payroll processing. Thus, all the information about the employees’ time is available in real-time to the managers. It allows them to easily manage alternative payment schedules and adjust work schedules and workforce activities in real-time. 

  1. Security

Attendance management systems are known for providing highly secure systems and architecture for the safekeeping of all employees’ data. The tight security also helps in preventing fraud of any kind like time theft, buddy punching, etc. Therefore, these systems are a must-have for any organization where security is a primary concern. 


Workex Staff Attendance Management System

Now that you have been provided with various reasons as to why your company needs an attendance management system, it is time for you to choose one. There is a myriad of attendance management software and systems available on the web. Workex also happens to be one of them.

Our Workex App provides an effective staff and payroll management system. This mobile application is an attendance management system integrated with payroll management system. So, it is a complete solution for all your staff management needs. 

Once you have signed up on our app and onboarded all your employees, Workex will be responsible for providing you with 100% accurate attendance, leaves and overtime management, automatic payroll calculation, and employee performance tracking. 

The best part about our app is that you can try all of these services on Workex App for free for the first three months. At the end of the three months, you can continue using our services for a minimal fee.


Hence, there is no question that an attendance system will definitely make the lives of business owners, managers, and employees easier. Now all that is left for you to do is find a system or software that suits your business needs. Luckily, Workex can be a great option.

So, you should not waste any more time and get the best attendance management system for your business by installing the Workex Power App!

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