Workex and Onsurity collaborate to provide affordable healthcare benefits to your employees

Written By Sakcham Tiwari

August 5, 2021
Workex brings affordable employee healthcare benefits for your employees. Complete healthcare with discounted online medicines, labtests, teleconsultations and more!

Workex is one of India’s first Livelihood Platforms with a mission to help candidates find rewarding work and help recruiters find the right talent to grow their business. We have also started providing staff management and payroll processing services on our platform for small and medium sized businesses. Our services ensure effective staff management so that businesses and employees can grow together. 

Our country has been going through a tough time recently due to the pandemic and people had to suffer huge losses. Many companies were shut down, people lost their jobs and many even lost their loved ones. However, this plight also taught us a few lessons. The biggest lesson of all being that health is the most important thing of all and it should always be given number one priority. 

Workex wanted to help all workers get medical protection against whatever illness or injury befalling them or their family members. We believe that everyone has the right to proper healthcare regardless of their social status or financial situation. 

That is why we partnered up with Onsurity to make that dream a reality of providing healthcare benefits to all workers in the country. Our collaboration with Onsurity will help small and medium business owners and managers in providing affordable healthcare benefits to their employees. 

TeamSure – Collaboration with Onsurity

Workex partners with Onsurity to introduce TeamSure for businesses that will provide complete healthcare to your entire staff. Along with this, it will also provide discounted online, lab tests, teleconsultations, group health/term/accident insurance and many more benefits. 

TeamSure is the first monthly subscription health program by a digital platform in India that works on usage-based pricing. Below are some of the benefits included in the program: 

  • Group Health Insurance with Covid-19 cover, Group Term Life and Accidental Insurance;
  • Monthly Payment – No block of working capital;
  • All benefits can be availed by staff, freelancers, temporary employees, and contractors;
  • Onboarding is fully digital with a dedicated dashboard for staff management.

TeamSure is designed to provide healthcare in an affordable and easily accessible manner and many organizations have already joined with us in this venture. Some of them are Apay – Smart Store, Bombay Shaving Company, Delhivery, Gomechanic, Natures Basket, and Parkplus. Our clients get offered two plans with TeamSure, Ruby+ and Onyx and they can choose one of them  according to their budget and preferences. 

This partnership with Onsurity will not just help in promoting better attitude towards health and wellness at the workplace but also help in building trust between the managerial staff and the employees. This will lead to motivating the employees to be more productive and thus, allowing the workplace to be healthier and happier for all. 

Features of TeamSure for employers and employees

The healthcare plan brought by Workex in collaboration with Onsurity comes with bountiful features for both employees and employers. Let’s take a look at them here:

For EmployersFor Employees
Monthly membership starting at Rs 145 per employeeDiscounts on teleconsultations, medicine orders, lab tests along with fitness tracking
Digital platform with dashboard for easy team managementGroup health insurance for members with Covid-19 cover
No paperwork, no legal hasslesOption to add family members to plan
Membership available for all team members: employees, freelancers, and contractorsAssistance for claims during hospitalization
Medical assistance from expert doctors

At present, Workex is also offering an exclusive 25% off on your subscription for the first 3 months.

Onsurity’s vision

Onsurity’s vision is to provide simplified healthcare benefits to all organizations in India so that their employees obtain complete healthcare without any restrictions and enable a healthy workplace environment. Onsurity has partnered up with 1000+ SMEs and offered healthcare to 95,000+ members. Onsurity believes that when an organization provides proper healthcare amenities to its employees, that organization is bound to grow faster and better. 


Workex is extremely proud to be collaborating with Onsurity and helping organizations to have an affordable healthcare program in place for their staff members laden with benefits for both employees and employers. 

For more details about the healthcare plans, be sure to reach out at [email protected]

Written by Sakcham Tiwari

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