8 Actionable Tips for Getting a Job after a Career Break in India

Sakcham Tiwari
Sakcham Tiwari
August 9, 2022

8 Actionable Tips for Getting a Job after a Career Break in India

Sakcham Tiwari
Sakcham Tiwari
August 9, 2022

8 Actionable Tips for Getting a Job after a Career Break in India

Sakcham Tiwari
Sakcham Tiwari
August 9, 2022
getting a job after a career break in india

We understand that getting a job after a career break in India is not an easy task and that is why we have created this article to help you in your job hunting journey.

A career break is a common occurrence in India and it can either be a voluntary break or a required break due to various situations. For instance, sometimes new parents take career breaks to spend time taking proper care of their kids. Sometimes a career break is caused when people move to different cities or countries or when a family tragedy occurs. Whatever the reason may be, a career break is not a rare phenomenon and many people worldwide take a short or a long break from their work life.

Needless to say, when such people wish to come back from their breaks, finding a new job is not always easy. It takes perseverance, patience, and strong willpower to find a good job.

job after career break

8 Tips for getting a job after a career break in India

If you are someone planning to return to the workforce after taking a hiatus but don’t know how to enter the market, we are here to help you with a few tips.

  • Analysing your job needs

After coming back from a career break, you have to first think about what you are looking for in a job. Do you want a job similar to your old job or are you looking for a change? Think about the hours you can dedicate to work and the salary you are expecting. When you will have the answers to these questions, then you can begin your job search because then you will know exactly what you are looking for.

  • Analysing your desired industry

When you know what industry you want to enter, the next step is to research the industry. This will help you figure out what are the current status, trends, and requirements of your desired industry. You need to look up the latest trends and developments along with the average salary range offered to the people working in the industry.

Now, you can match what you are looking for in your career and what the industry is offering. If you are satisfied with the industry, then you can see if you have the desired skills, qualifications, and experience to get in the industry. After this, you can plan your next steps.

  • Developing your skills

Now that you have figured out what kind of skills you need to get into your desired industry, you have to work on gaining them. Since you had a break in your career, you must entice companies by developing the skills you already have and gaining new ones as well.

Remember that do not waste your time learning all kinds of skills. Focus on the most important skills that are required in the field and become a master of them. You can spend your career break working on your skills so that when you come back, you are ready to enter the job market again with an attractive profile.

  • Planning

Many job seekers will tell you that job hunting is in itself a full-time job. So, it is important to research and plan extensively. Plan how you are going to start your job search. Social media is a great way to see how other job seekers are going on about their search.

You can join Facebook groups where people share tips and tricks to get into a specific industry or job. They also share job vacancies in these groups. This will help you in planning your job search because when you plan it, you will see results quicker.

  • Networking

There is no doubt that for getting a job after a career break in India, networking is the most ideal way. Networking can land you an interview easily without spending hours every day searching and applying for jobs. Therefore, when you return to the corporate world, it is advisable to get in touch with your old connections.

Communicating with connections from your professional life can be extremely beneficial for you. These connections can be your previous bosses, ex-colleagues, ex-clients, or even your family and friends. You can also attend networking events either online or offline where you can meet industry professionals and establish a professional relationship with them.

Networking will not only help you in finding a job but will also guide your career in the long run. So, networking is always a worthwhile endeavour.

  • Building CV

Your CV must be the best representation of you. It should highlight all your major achievements, your top skills, along with your qualifications and experience. More often than not, your CV is the first impression the company will have of you. So, work on building a brilliant CV before you start applying for jobs.

There are lots of templates available online to help you in your CV building process. It is advisable to look at the CVs of successful candidates from your industry. This will help you in creating a CV desired by the companies.

  • Finding the best Job search platform

There are innumerable job boards on the internet to help you in finding your ideal job. You need to find a platform that is ideal for you considering your job search needs. The job search platform you choose must have jobs from your desired industry and the jobs should be legitimate.

Workex is a great platform to search among thousands of jobs and find your ideal job. So, if you are looking for a suitable job search platform, make sure to check out Workex.

  • Interview Preparation

Coming back from a career break can mean that you have lost touch with interview skills. Moreover, the thought of giving interviews after years can make you nervous. Therefore, it is important for you to learn the art of giving interviews again.

If you are worried about the question about your career gap, you must prepare your answer beforehand. After explaining why you took the gap, you can steer the conversation to your achievements and the new skills you have developed.

How Workex helps in job search

Workex is one of the top job search platforms in India and we provide legitimate jobs at great companies from all over the country. Our user-friendly interface makes the entire job search process incredibly easy. You can easily search for your ideal jobs in your desired location and your desired industry. Our platform allows you to directly contact the recruiter through Whatsapp.

You can look for jobs on our website as well as on the Workex app, available to install from Google Play Store. We also help you in easy scheduling of interviews and you can ask for our help whenever you need it through the chatbot available on our platform. We also have Career TV videos on our platform that are aimed to help you in developing your skills and preparing for interviews.


Hence, getting a job after a career break in India is not so hard if you follow the tips mentioned above. Workex is also here to help you in your entire job hunting journey. Go to our website or install the app today for free and set your dream career in motion.